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Finally, software will make movie stars fat … or thin, I guess

Christian Theobalt of the Max Planck Institute has developed software that allows you to modify the body shape of an actor in a video. It works by matching a 3D model to one frame of film and then following the silhouette of the actor through the remaining frames. The population of LA can now start collectively letting themselves go.

Via Neatorama.

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Information Age Prayer

For a low monthly fee, you can sign up to have a prayer of your choice said by a computer daily. God will know the prayer is from you because your name will be on the computer screen.

Are you forgetful? Subscribe and the computer will never forget to voice your prayers each day. Choose a religion on the left to see available prayers.

Do you work the late shift? Can’t make it to morning prayer? You can still get the feeling of having your prayers said on time by signing up for the Catholic Morning Prayer, Protestant Morning Prayer, Muslim Fajr Salat or the Jewish Morning and Evening Shema.

If your children don’t pray anymore sign them up for one of the many daily prayers available for each religion (click categories at the left). You may also want to have a prayer said for them directly. The prayer for children is the cheapest Information Age Prayer service at only $1.99 a Month. Pray for a child here.

via Pharyngula

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