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Birds with bigger brains adapted better when Communism fell

Researchers in the Czech Republic and Germany have been looking through bird data from their countries around the fall of Communism.

Most of the factors appeared to affect bird populations similarly in the three regions. But brain size apparently made a big difference in the former communist nations: Birds with bigger brains tended to show a slight uptick in populations sizes in East Germany, and even bigger gains in the Czech Republic. The “increases of species with large brains suggest that species with good cognitive abilities might have been better able to adapt to rapid socioeconomic change and make use of novel opportunities after the end of communism,” the authors write.

The population gains might not be caused by brain size, but there’s at least a correlation there.

From Conservation Magazine, via The Morning News.

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Cuba will allow people to buy and sell their own homes

Instead of just trading them or inheriting them, Cubans will be able to buy and sell their homes as private property.

Cuban President Raul Castro warned that the concentration of property would not be allowed.

During the congress, President Castro also said top political positions should be limited to two five-year terms, and promised “systematic rejuvenation” of the government.

Wonder what tipped him off that it’s a good idea to change your leaders up more than every 40 years or so.

Via The Morning News.

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