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Steven Seagal, sheriff raid valley home in tank

Drama in Arizona:

Sheriff Joe Arpaio rolled out the tanks to take down a man suspected of cockfighting.

West Valley residents in the neighborhood are crying foul after armored vehicles, including a tank, rolled into their neighborhood to make the bust.

In a massive show of force on Monday, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office executed a search warrant and arrested the homeowner, Jesus Llovera, on charges of suspected cockfighting.

Steven Seagal was in the tank. Llovera’s lawyer thinks it was all staged for Seagal’s reality show.

Via The Morning News.

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Episode 10 — “The Pickup Artists”

Cover Image -- Episode 10

Did you know that a cockfighting rooster killed a man? Neither did Dave. He also didn’t know about Thomas Edison’s 2011 predictions, the Catholic Church’s policy on organ donation for saints and non-saints, or the suicide bomber’s unfortunate text message. The fellas also dispense some advice on romance.

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Cockfighting rooster kills a man

A 35-year-old California man, Jose Luis Ochoa, has died after being stabbed in the calf by a cockfighting bird, police in Bakersfield said.

Naturally, they had strapped knives to the bird.

Yes, it’s sad that a man died. On the other hand, this is like Gladiator for roosters. This is ripe for some ambitious comic book artist to turn into a landmark graphic novel that deftly marries talking cartoon animals with ultraviolence.

Via The Slatest.

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