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Ben Stein believes that God controls the weather and that you should make him your celebrity spokesperson regardless

Kyocera is an electronics company with a green reputation. They recently declined to hire Ben Stein after asking him his views on climate change. He’s now alleging breach of contract. Incidentally, there was no contract.

By way of response, Stein asked the agency to tell Kyocera that he was not certain that global warming was a man-made phenomenon as “he believed that God, and not man, controlled the weather,” because that is how you demonstrate to someone that you are rational. Yet somehow this did not assuage Kyocera’s fears, so they backed out of the deal, creating a storm of controversy not unlike those cooked up by God on a regular basis, up there in his weather whirligig.

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It is hard to know how tall Jake Gyllenhaal is

David Rees becomes discouraged as he investigates Jake Gyllenhaal’s height. Incidentally, there is a website completely devoted to figuring out the heights of celebrities.

The CelebHeights.com discussion of Jake Gyllenhaal goes quiet for weeks at a time. Then someone posts an account of a recent sighting, or a photo of Gyllenhaal standing beside a celebrity of quantifiable tallness (like Xzibit), and then someone else counters that Gyllenhaal’s height is hard to calculate because “his body is like a peruvian guy (large oblong head, short neck),” adding “I should see him shaven” (?!?), and the whole thing flares up again. Any new piece of data, in the hands of the right maniac, can help a fact of the matter remain perpetually contested. This debate has been going strong for almost two years; is it any wonder that issues of slightly graver import—climate change, the theory of evolution, President Obama’s citizenship—are usually 5,000 percent overdebated?

Via The Morning News.

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Al Gore’s failed marriage will bring the environment down with it

Illinois Senator Mark Kirk explains why he changed his mind about climate change legislation:

“The consensus behind the climate change bill collapsed and then further deteriorated with the personal and political collapse of Vice President [Al] Gore,” Kirk said in a brief interview last week.

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The only ones to penetrate the lie

David Roberts lays bare the absurdity of Climate Change Denial.

Consider what the Limbaugh/Morano crowd is saying about climate: not only that that the world’s scientists and scientific institutions are systematically wrong, but that they are purposefully perpetrating a deception. Virtually all the world’s governments, scientific academies, and media are either in on it or duped by it. The only ones who have pierced the veil and seen the truth are American movement conservatives, the ones who found death panels in the healthcare bill.

Is there a better way to put it? Probably not, although there is the added layer that the claimed motivation for the lie is a political agenda, while the claimers are the ones that fit snugly in a particular political category. Oh, also check out this chart from Gallup:

ieyhl5he8uqykf66edcqvq The only ones to penetrate the lie

Yes. They are getting dumber.

Via The Daily Dish.

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Fuck polar bears and/or my future children

 Fuck polar bears and/or my future children

From the Daily What.

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Balance Alert! Climate Change

The National Review is at it again! Nice job. Jim Manzi clobbers fellow NRO dude Mark Levin on the subject of global warming, which to me is a major litmus test to find out if an intellectual conservative is really all that intellectual.

Groupthink or corruption is always possible, and maybe the entire global scientific establishment is wrong. Does he think that these various scientists are somehow unaware that Newsweek had an article on global cooling in the 1970s? Or are they aware of the evidence in his book, but are too trapped by their assumptions to be able to incorporate this data rationally? Or does he believe that the whole thing is a con in which thousands of scientists have colluded across decades and continents to fool such gullible naifs as the U.S. Congressional Budget Office, numerous White House science advisors, Margaret Thatcher, and so on? Are the Queen of England and the Trilateral Commission in on it too?

But what evidence does Levin present for any of this amazing incompetence or conspiracy beyond that already cited? None. He simply moves on to criticisms of proposed solutions. This is wingnuttery.

Andy McCarthy and Kathryn Jean Lopez have already leapt to Levin’s defense. McCarthy, for one, isn’t mad that Manzi is wrong but that he’s mean, calling his post a “Pearl Harbor”.

Via Wonkette

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Mt. Everest is covered in dead bodies, soon to be collected

A sherpa expedition is going to collect the bodies of dead climbers from Mt. Everest. They are also going to pick up lots and lots of trash, which had been buried under the snow but has come to the surface due to climate change.

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Climate Change is a hoax!

 Climate Change is a hoax!
Ffffrom Ffffound

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