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Current TV has a new animated logo

The TV network Current has re-tooled its image and retired its old pixelated logo in favor of this waving flag. The writer at Brand New thinks its a huge improvement and that the pixelated letters look really dated. I see his point, though an informal poll of the room I’m in shows resistance to the change. One comment: “That looks self-righteous.”

Well, it is the Keith Olbermann network now.

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Peru’s new brand

Peru has rebranded. I think the new look is really nice. Simple and evocative. And though I’ve never been to Peru, it feels like what I think of when I think of Peru. The sketchy lines have a native American feel to them, and the way they trace out mountains is excellent.

According to Wikipedia, the red color, as shown on Peru’s flag, symbolizes the blood shed in the fight for independence. Which now puts odd images of mountains of blood in my head.

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They want to be Amoco again

BP bought Amoco a while back. Unsurprisingly, a lot of former Amoco stations want to be Amoco again.

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