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Bill Murray is sick of these directors with the homely kids

Bill Murray, introducing Sophia Coppola:

They get into life, like Sofia has gotten into life. She’s married. Now she’s got a French lover, [Phoenix front man Thomas Mars]. She has two beautiful children by this French lover. And I, for one, am sick of these directors with the homely kids. I can’t stand it anymore. She’s got beautiful children, and she lives with a man who is the only Frenchman that could play rock and roll, ever.

Via Kottke.

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Bill & Dave

 Bill & Dave

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Boycott Bill Murray for a better America

I had no idea, but apparently Bill Murray is corrupting our Christian, American values.

In an era when honest, clean hard work makes the most righteous of our youth generation rise to the top, this man Murray represents the scum of the bottom. We need heroes to inspire our children to excel in math and sports, to stand muscle to muscle with those hearty Russians, brain to brain with the human calculators of China. We need American heroes who hark back to the greatest era of Christian morality and innovation, the men who protected the planet from the scourge of Soviet communism while simultaneously inventing the personal computer and the internet.

Via Patrick

UPDATE: This is a joke.

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Bill Murray’s awesomeness has nothing to do with paying attention

GQ: Parks and Recreation? That is the best comedy on TV right now, to my eyes.

Bill Murray: When are these things on, anyway?

GQ: Thursday nights.

Bill Murray: Both of em?

GQ: Yeah. Eight and eight thirty.

Bill Murray: That’s good. I want those things to work, but I’m out of touch. I have no idea. I never saw the original Office. I never saw this Office. I never even saw Clerks. Like I never saw, what’s-his-name, Larry David’s show.

GQ: Curb Your Enthusiasm?

Bill Murray: No! The other one. With the other guy.

GQ: Seinfeld?

Bill Murray: Seinfeld! I never saw Seinfeld.

What’s-his-name. Larry David’s show. The other guy. Wow, eat that, Jerry.

Via The Morning News

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