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The best things come long-dead in an air-tight plastic bag

From Mitch O’Connell, via Boing Boing.

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Hidden mother photos

In the early days of photography, most babies were shot being held by their mothers, who were later matted out of the picture.

Via Neatorama.

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Baby born recently was conceived 20 years ago

A woman recently gave birth to a baby after she was implanted with a donated embryo. The embryo was conceived and frozen 20 years ago by a couple who were trying to get pregnant through in vitro fertilization.

That couple had anonymously donated their leftover embryos after the woman successfully gave birth. Thing was, they did so in 1990 – meaning that the boy just born to the woman in the study has a sibling out there somewhere who was conceived at the same time but is 20 years younger.

Via The Slatest.

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The Joker keeps it clean

The Joker says

From Awkward Family Photos, Via Ffffound.

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Things organized neatly

Things Organized Neatly, via Swiss Miss.

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