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Asshole fortune cookie

 Asshole fortune cookie

Asshole fortune cookie.

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Lesbian teen gets $35k from her asshole school district

Awesome. Constance McMillen, the lesbian whose school conspired to keep from bringing her girlfriend to prom, has received $35,000 to settle her lawsuit.

It’s a stupid amount of money for a recent high school grad to get in a lump sum, but she did something pretty great. Backwards high schools will think twice before trying to pull this shit again.

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An asshole high school of asshole students with asshole parents conspire to make a girl feel shitty

A Mississippi high school tried to cancel its prom rather than let a lesbian student bring a female date. The ACLU successfully sued to make them hold the prom. So then the parents organized a private prom and invited everyone except the lesbian student. Barely anyone showed up to the official prom.

Congratulations, Itawamba County, Mississippi. You guys are huge dildos.

Via Boing Boing

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