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How long do animals live?

From Information Is Beautiful, via The Daily What.

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Animals, buildings, people, vehicles

Via Concrete Hermit.

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Giraffe in the city

By Nakano. Visit his site here.

Check out some other giant animals in Japanese cities. Via Ffffound.

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Episode 2 – “All Bets Are Off”

Dave & Jeff have returned to you with another episode. Hear the imagined battle royale among several brave animals who have been armed. Hear Dave mimic your favorite celebrities. Also hear about vikings, skinny jeans, ground black people, inter-porn-star relations, and Noah’s Ark.

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Brendan Wenzel

Check out Brendan Wenzel’s blog.

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I’ll take care of your dog after you’ve vanished, like a jerk

The Dog Delusion
Eternal Earth-Bound Pets is a group of atheists who are happy to charge pet-owners a fee for agreeing to take care of animals after their owners have been whisked away to heaven by the rapture.
via Unreasonable Faith

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Horse Bites Off a Guy’s Ball

An Indonesian villager had to be rushed to hospital after a horse bit off one of his testicles during a freak attack.

“Luckily the horse did not chew up or swallow his testicle, but spit it onto the pavement,” the bystander was quoted as saying.

via Pharyngula

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