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Eva Braun as Al Jolson as a black man

This is Eva Braun dressed as a jew in blackface.

 Eva Braun as Al Jolson as a black man

Eva Braun’s private photos, via Daily Intel.

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The Nazis hated that sunglasses-wearing dog who made fun of Hitler

 The Nazis hated that sunglasses wearing dog who made fun of Hitler

During World War II, a Finnish man named Tor Borg had a dog named Jackie, who Borg’s wife nicknamed Hitler. Jackie would respond to the command “Hitler” by raising her paw, which infuriated the German government.

Mr Borg was called into the German embassy for questioning, where he admitted that his wife Josephine – a known anti-Nazi German – had called the dog Hitler, but denied being involved in anything “that could be seen as an insult against the German Reich”.

The Germans didn’t believe Borg but couldn’t get any witnesses to testify against him and his dog.

Via Wonkette.

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Hipster Hitler loves juice

 Hipster Hitler loves juice

From Hipster Hitler, via The Daily What.

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Silvio Berlusconi’s Hitler joke is weak

Dear Associated Press: don’t report that Silvio Berlusconi told a tasteless joke about Hitler and then not even tell us the joke! It’s important to judge someone’s shocking joke based on whether the person was being hilarious as well as insensitive and hateful.

Fortunately, The Indian Express has the joke, and it turns out it is not funny at all. Which makes Berlusconi even more of a jerk.

Addressing a convention of the youth wing of his People of Freedom Party, the billionaire businessman said: “A little after Hitler died his supporters discovered he was in fact still alive.

”They went to look for him to convince him to come back and he replied: ‘Yes I will return but on one condition…

this time I will be evil, right?’“

Via The Morning News.

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Hitler emoticons

For when you need the exactly perfect Hitler emoticon to express how you’re feeling in your heart:

 Hitler emoticons

Via Boing Boing

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Easter eggs for Hitler

 Easter eggs for Hitler

From VivaPixel

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