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ACLU defends students’ right to post Ten Commandments

A Virginia High School made Christian students take down copies of the Ten Commandments that they’d posted. The ACLU has reached out to the school in defense of the students’ right to post religious messages as long as the messages come from the students themselves and not the faculty.

“The Supreme Court recognizes the difference between school officials’ imposing religious messages on students, which violates the establishment clause, and school officials allowing students to express their own views on religion in situations that are not school-organized or sponsored,” said Glenberg in the release.

Via The Daily Dish.

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Is heat ray torture?

Los Angeles wants to use a heat beam to control inmates. The ACLU thinks this is torture and is worried that abuse of the device will injure prisoners, while the sheriff hopes it will be an effective way to keep the prisoners peaceful without hurting them.

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This is what the ACLU does

Also from Reason, they are surprised to see the ACLU standing up for gun rights.

“Under the Second Amendment, he has a right to have his guns in his house. He’s not a convicted felon,” Butin said. “It is unusual for the ACLU. But the ACLU supports all constitutional rights. We don’t pick and choose.”

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An asshole high school of asshole students with asshole parents conspire to make a girl feel shitty

A Mississippi high school tried to cancel its prom rather than let a lesbian student bring a female date. The ACLU successfully sued to make them hold the prom. So then the parents organized a private prom and invited everyone except the lesbian student. Barely anyone showed up to the official prom.

Congratulations, Itawamba County, Mississippi. You guys are huge dildos.

Via Boing Boing

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