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Colorado’s pot legalization push is working because of strict regulation.

Check out these highlights from a Fresh Air interview with Tony Dokoupil about marijuana.

So in Colorado, the medical marijuana growers have to have 24-hour video of their operations, and that video is accessible by the state at any time — they can tap into it. And they all have these badges, and they had to go through background checks to get these badges. So there’s an attempt to keep black market money out of it … in Colorado, you’re unlikely to see a situation where a dispensary is, in fact, just a front for a Mexican cartel.

He also describes that because marijuana must, by law, be grown indoors, grow houses have rooms to simulate different kinds of sunlight and different seasons.

And you get a little deeper in and you open one of these doors, which are about the size of, like, Winnebagos where the actual plants are, and your eyes just recognize, ‘Oh my god — it’s summer sunshine.’ It’s like you want lemonade.
And then you go to another room and you open the door, and it will have, like, a honey-coated light, and you’ll be like, ‘Oh fall! I want a pumpkin latte — how beautiful.’

Via the Dish.

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Are you sure that’s where you should hold your Armor of God?

armor of god1 Are you sure thats where you should hold your Armor of God?

This and some less unfortunate images at LDS Clipart.

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