There are snapping turtles in the Ganges meant to eat up all the dead bodies

For religious beliefs, for lack of money, and for having nothing better to do with them, Indians dump a lot of corpses into the Ganges.

Even the flesh-eating turtles released in the Ganga to munch the dead bodies have failed to make any significant impact. Released into a stretch of river at Varanasi in the late 1980s, poaching may have accounted for a better part of their promised appetite.

From Pratie Place, via Reddit.

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    I don’t think being a world leader ceoutitstns that you have the ability to basically refute a religious practice that has occurred for centuries for the sake of a little cleanliness. If that is the case, then North Korea and China are the leaders of the world with their draconian policies. It seems like the Ghanges clean up is an extremely tough project to complete, and I doubt the government could do anything that would make these people not bathe in these waters. I do think that it is possible to enforce restrictions on what can be put in the water and what can be used as bathing products. These restrictions as well as strict regulations for chemical containment of factories close to the river could help make the river less polluted. Now, if India were to do this, I do believe that they have come a long way and shows the strength of their government.

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