Brian Thill dissects the imagery of the candidates

Some excellent reading as Brian Thill takes apart the imagery of the presidential candidates:

In Rick Perry’s oddly dull offering, the color scheme of its central icon is particularly objectionable, the blue bleeding into red, the red into blue, creating a purplish, muddled mess. But here as elsewhere we are dealing with a situation where the images are hamstrung, they have no choice, it seems, but to dabble only in variations in reds and blues. To do otherwise might court disaster in color-blind America. So Perry’s image feels it must embrace those separate shades but has no idea what to do with them. We recognize in Perry’s iconography the pharmaceutical sheen of a throat lozenge, as if Perry held out the hope for us of serving as a blue Pfizer pill against the impotence of secular, post-industrial America.

I myself have been watching these identities pop up with great interest, as the quality of graphic design in a campaign does seem to have some power of prediction in elections. And Rick Perry’s motifs are pretty terrible.

Via The Dish.

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