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My but that’s a good-looking owl

 My but thats a good looking owl

By Nastya Razbegaeva, via Ffffound.

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This is some next-level bee-wearing right here

 This is some next level bee wearing right here

In the end, Wang Dalin won the bee-wearing competition, by attracting 26 kilograms of bees onto his body, while his younger fellow beekeeper only manged to attract 22.9 kilograms of live bees. Despite their valiant efforts, the two weren’t able to break the world bee-wearing record, of 39.5 kg (350,000 bees), set by American Mark Biancaniello.

Curiously unmentioned is if and how many times the bees stung their wearers. And how long does it take to unwear all those bees?

From Oddity Central, via Neatorama.

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The inescapable logic of a man who claims to be Jesus

Sayeth Alan John Miller:

There’s probably a million people who say they’re Jesus and most of them are in asylums. But one of us has to be.

I mean, come on. ONE OF THEM HAS TO BE. Mr. Miller believes he has memories of his past life as Jesus Christ. Which makes no sense because Jesus wasn’t dead, so he couldn’t be reincarnated.
Via Dangerous Minds.

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There is a two-headed albino snake in the Ukraine

A Ukraine zoo has a two-headed snake, which the zoo says come along about every 50 years. Rarer still, this snake is albino.

The handlers at the zoo say they have to separate the heads with a divider while it’s being fed, otherwise they end up fighting each other for the tastiest morsels. Which is weird since all the food goes down the same throat.

No, it’s not weird. They are the tastiest morsels! I know that I would want to taste the tastiest morsels, and maybe I would even fight my second head for them. Fuck that guy.

From Gather, via Gizmodo.

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Communion wafer in St. Paul put in water turns red, is a miracle

A priest in St. Paul dropped a wafer on the floor. Then he put it in a cup of water, and it turned red as it dissolved. Gross. Some suspect it was caused by bacteria. The Catholic Church is investigating into whether this qualifies as a miracle.

From, Obscure Store.

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Presidents will always be sports fans

Chuck Klosterman:

Whenever a president (or even a senator) is asked about what they like to watch on television, they know their answer will be perceived as symbolic of who they are and what they represent. This is why there will never be a modern U.S. President who will not define himself as a sports fan.

(As a footnote to his piece about the awesomeness of Breaking Bad.)

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Do not feed your child to the alligator

 Do not feed your child to the alligator

And other dramatic warning signs.

Via Neatorama.

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It’s been one Neptune year since we discovered Neptune

Almost 165 years ago, Johann Gottfried Galle spotted Neptune with his telescope based on calculations made by Urbain Le Verrier. Because Neptune can’t be seen with the naked eye, it was discovered only after astronomers noticed that Uranus’s orbit didn’t fit with Newtonian laws. Upon receiving Le Verrier’s calculation, it took Galle less than an hour of searching to spot the planet — as a point of light that didn’t appear on his chart of the sky.

Neptune takes about 165 years to orbit the Sun, so at 18:38 GMT (according to Phil Plait), Neptune will have reached the point in its orbit where it was when Johann Gottfried Galle spotted it.

(Here’a a clock with the current GMT.)

From Gizmodo, Wikipedia, Bad Astronomy.

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So one time this scientist hit Lois Lane with a growth ray, and she got all fat

 So one time this scientist hit Lois Lane with a growth ray, and she got all fat

From Grantbridge Street, via Super Punch.

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Look at how many participants in different government social programs think they don’t use any government social programs

 Look at how many participants in different government social programs think they dont use any government social programs

Via Boing Boing.

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