Harold Camping thinks the world’s about to end

We’re 10 days away people! The end of the world is about a week-and-a-half away. Fritter away your precious remaining time by reading this interview with Harold Camping, chief prophesier at Family Radio.

Can Jewish people go to heaven?
Anybody — it’s not a matter of what religion you belong to, but it has to do with a personal attitude, and of course, if the Jewish people will accept the whole Bible — now if they reject Christ as their messiah, which the nation of Israel is doing, as was prophesied in the Bible also …. If they’re not trusting in the Bible, they’re not listening to the whole Bible, and so they’re under the wrath of God just like anybody else who’s not trusting the whole Bible.

So a Jew would have to believe that Jesus is the messiah.
Well you see, the fact is that Jesus is the eternal God, and if you deny that Christ is the eternal God, then you’re not listening to the Bible.

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