Yes, it is base to celebrate a killing, but sometimes it’s ok to be base

A lot of people are getting a creepy feeling about the celebrations over killing bin Laden. I totally understand. But I like how John Cook at Gawker puts it:

The laudable instinct to step back from tribal revelry is rooted in a sense of our common humanity, and the ease with which it is forgotten. But Osama bin Laden is a moral monster of the highest order, with gallons of blood on his hands, and he earned his fate in spades. Not because he has been cartoonishly portrayed as a villain by the U.S., or because he looks funny, or because his policy goals conflict with those of the U.S. and therefore must be destroyed—its because he personally orchestrated the deaths of 3,000 innocents, on purpose, to prove a point. Actions have consequences!

Youre allowed to comprehend that he is a person, a father, a son, with dreams and desires, and also be absolutely over the moon that he got shot in the head yesterday.

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