Red Klotz loses, is not a loser

Please enjoy this excellent long piece about the Washington Generals owner Red Klotz. Klotz bought the Philadelphia Sphas in 1950, and after beating the Globetrotters twice, he was invited to form a team that would tour with the Globetrotters. The Generals have only won 6 games against the Globetrotters. They play to win every game, but they have to dial it back whenever the Globetrotters go into a routine.

Red: Everyone has lost at one time or another.
Me: So we are all losers.
Red: No. We’re not losers. We all lose.
Me: What is the difference?
Red: What is the difference between and winner and loser?
Me: Yes.
Red: A winner is someone who can tell the difference.

Via The Daily Dish.

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