The colors of 2010

We already know that according to AkzoNobel’s Color Futures report, the color for 2011 is yellow. What I didn’t tell you is that AkzoNobel’s color for 2010 is an “airy and optimistic blue“.

Colour Lovers ran an unscientific poll of users to see what people said their personal colors of 2010 were. And while many of AkzoNobel’s colleagues in color expertise also predicted cool colors for the year, Colour Lovers’ sample ranked reds and oranges at the top.

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    Hi Karen, The global saginls of the growing interest and need for blue has been developing and growing stronger for some time. Too strong to ignore, in fact and I just had to highlight and discuss blue with industry. This led me to organise 3 industry symposia in the past 18 months all based on blue concluding with Blue Alchemy stories of Indigo the perfect and timely end to this trilogy. Interesting change in language of young people. So my greeting is Blue skies. Janet

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