Farleys and Gallaghers

Checking out this Used Wigs rundown of celebrity brothers (wow, please take note of Patrick Swayze’s brother Don), I learned that the Michael Moore character in David Zucker’s conservative “comedy” An American Carol was played by Chris Farley’s brother Kevin Farley, whose acting career is not actually as bad as that role might suggest.

Used Wigs also mentions the sad tale of Ron Gallagher, unemployed brother of The Gallagher (aka Leo Gallagher), who toured around for 10 years as “Gallagher Too”. He played smaller clubs than his brother, but still dressed the same and smashed watermelons. As time went on, Ron Gallagher made less and less of an effort to let audiences know that they weren’t seeing the original Gallagher, and Leo Gallagher sued his brother for stealing his act.

A legitimate gripe, it seems to me, but the Gallagher family didn’t see it that way, and now Leo Gallagher is estranged from his family.

But before we feel too bad for the man, let us remind ourselves what his act is like these days with this gem from a 2008 show recap:

“I have a superior intellect. I want someone to give me a topic, and I’ll tell a joke about it.” A girl approached the microphone, was given a pair of boxers to wear, and said: “Kennedy’s brain tumor,” which had just been announced a day earlier.

Gallagher paused for a moment, then said, “He wanted to have a hole in his head like the rest of his family!”

Perhaps David Zucker should enlist Gallagher for his next movie. It wouldn’t be boring.

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