Five myths about the Tea Party

David Weigel explains five myths about the Tea Party. They are, in brief:

1) The Tea Party isn’t a reaction to President Obama, it’s a reaction to the bank bailouts.
It officially started before Obama, but it became popular only after Rick Santelli’s rant against the Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan.

2) The Tea Party is racist.
Any significant racism that liberals see in the Tea Party is racism they’ve already been complaining about for years — it’s a conservative thing, not a Tea Party thing.

3) Sarah Palin is the leader of the Tea Party.
Most Tea Partiers don’t think she’d make a good president.

4) The Tea Party hurts the GOP.
First, there are always wacky, embarrassing candidates. Second, enthusiasm is priceless in an election.

5) The Tea Party will transform American politics.
Tea Partiers are overwhelmingly Republicans. When the enthusiasm dies down, they will still be Republicans.

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