Sarah Palin vs. PolitiFact

Sarah Palin’s gotten into a little tussle with the fact-checkers from PolitiFact. It started when they gave her a “pants on fire” rating for saying that the Democrats plan to let all the Bush tax cuts expire would amount to the largest tax increase in US history.

Palin earned her poor rating because a) the Democrats aren’t planning to let all the tax cuts expire and b) even if they did, it wouldn’t be the largest tax increase in US History. (There was a tax increase in World War II that was twice as big when considered as a percentage of GDP, the accepted way measuring the size of tax increases.)

So this made the mama grizzly really mad, and she posted all about it on her Facebook page, giving PolitiFact her own “pants on fire” rating. She said that the Democrats had no plan for renewing the tax cuts, and so absent a plan, they were “poised” to let them all expire. (She ignored being wrong about saying the tax increase was the biggest.)

PolitiFact has responded today. Well, PolitiFact doesn’t really “respond” like it’s a conversation. They just rate statements of fact. So they looked into how correct Palin was to say the Democrats have no plan. It turns out they do have a plan, and they’ve published all kinds of details about it. Palin got a rating of “false” this time.

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