Opponent of infant baptism’s son went Christian — not ironic

From a Fox News story about atheists “de-baptizing” themselves with hair dryers

Kagin believes parents are wrong to baptize their children before they are able to make their own choices, even slamming some religious education as “child abuse.” He said the blast of hot air was a way for adults to undo what their parents had done.

Ironically, Kagin’s own son became a fundamentalist Christian minister after having “a personal revelation in Jesus Christ.”

I suppose there’s some minor irony that a staunch Atheist would have a fundamentalist son. On the other hand, it’s completely predictable that someone who values religious choice for children would raise someone who makes a religious choice different than his dad’s.

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    I was baptized into the Catholic chrcuh as an infant. I have heard many things over the years that after you are saved the next step is baptism and so forth. I believe there is only 1 factor that assures going to heaven and that is John 3:16 ( you must believe in God and that Jesus died for your sins) and everything else is personal beliefs. I feel that baptism is up to the individual and if they feel it is significant in their life and means something symbolic to them.

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