Bill Murray’s awesomeness has nothing to do with paying attention

GQ: Parks and Recreation? That is the best comedy on TV right now, to my eyes.

Bill Murray: When are these things on, anyway?

GQ: Thursday nights.

Bill Murray: Both of em?

GQ: Yeah. Eight and eight thirty.

Bill Murray: That’s good. I want those things to work, but I’m out of touch. I have no idea. I never saw the original Office. I never saw this Office. I never even saw Clerks. Like I never saw, what’s-his-name, Larry David’s show.

GQ: Curb Your Enthusiasm?

Bill Murray: No! The other one. With the other guy.

GQ: Seinfeld?

Bill Murray: Seinfeld! I never saw Seinfeld.

What’s-his-name. Larry David’s show. The other guy. Wow, eat that, Jerry.

Via The Morning News

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