Jonah Goldberg defends his word

In light of the violent and racist things we know that Mel Gibson said — coupled with suggestions of actual violence and following his bizarre anti-semitic rants from a few years ago — Jonah Goldberg thinks that the story is unseemly and whoever released the tape is a jerk and that we shouldn’t react differently to him because he might or might not be a conservative. He also offers this evidence for his fair-mindedness:

Hypocrisy sleuths will note that I took a similar position on Alec Baldwin, of all people.

Yes, because Alec Baldwin angrily calling his daughter selfish is totally the same as Mel Gibson telling his girlfriend she’d be raped by a “pack of niggers”. Those are totally equivalent things, so Jonah Goldberg is indeed very astute to treat them the same.

Also, above all, let’s not let this unfortunate incident tarnish the holy word “conservative”.

Via Julian Sanchez

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