Son of Sam is a born-again Christian

David Berkowitz, the Son of Sam serial killer, is now a born-again Christian, who is in high demand within the evangelical community.

In 2007, the chaplain of a state youth development center in Somerville, Tenn., wrote to ask him for help in dealing with students who were veering toward Satanism.

“David, I am asking you to write out for me your warnings as to the study of the satanic bible,” he wrote. “Please be thorough but also concise. I may even forward your warnings to the commissioner of the department.”

It’s extremely cynical of me, but I don’t see anything surprising about a man who used to take orders from a dog now taking orders from some other imaginary voice. He is, apparently, more compassionate now. So if anything, it demonstrates the power of not being lonely.

Via The Morning News

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