Keith Olbermann is not doing us any favors

Most of the time, when a public figure’s statement’s truthfulness earns a bad rating on Politifact, it’s because the person spinned and twisted some data point beyond its meaning as a cheap way to score points. They recently examined a claim by Keith Olbermann where he just totally misread the information and made a shocking and thoroughly false statement.

“Subsidies for oil and gas companies make up 88 percent of all federal subsidies. Just cutting the oil and gas subsidies out would save the U.S. government $45 billion every year.”

The report that Olbermann cites doesn’t really say this. He just misread it. Which is harmless enough, except that he misread it to say something so shocking that it should have warranted more suspicion and verification by his staff.

Keith, when you screw up the facts like this, you just give fodder to those who claim that liberals have their own Rushes, Seans, and Glenns.

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