Ross Douthat Tries to Rebut the Teapot Analogy

Ross Douthat offers a counter-argument to the Teapot Analogy and the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

The story of our civilization, in particular, is a story in which an extremely large circle of non-insane human beings have perceived themselves to be experiencing an interaction with a being who seems recognizable as the Judeo-Christian God (here I do feel comfortable using the term), rather than merely being taught about Him in Sunday School. I am unaware of anything similar holding true for orbiting pots or flying noodle beasts.

He’s missing the whole point behind the Teapot and the FSM. Of course it’s not as ridiculous to believe in God as it is to believe in the Teapot. For all the reasons that Douthat points out, our human nature and our society make an individual feel very comfortable about believing in God. The point of the Teapot is that it does seem like a very ridiculous belief to hold. As a behavior, it’s head and shoulders more ridiculous than believing in God. But as a factual claim, it has just as much merit as the Judeo-Christian God. The Teapot and the FSM pull the societal and psychological cover away from the belief in God, exposing how ridiculous any argument for it must be.

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