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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Crapping Camera

 Crapping Camera

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The 20 Worst Album Covers of 2008

Pitchfork’s 20 worst album covers are disappointingly ok.

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Republicans Believe in You

 Republicans Believe in You

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Ebert’s Best Films of 2008

Roger Ebert lists his favorite films of the year. I especially like this sentiment:

Look at my 20 titles, and you tell me which 10 you would cut. Nor can I select one to stand above the others, or decide which should be No. 7 and which No. 8. I can't evaluate films that way. Nobody can, although we all pretend to. A "best films" list, certainly. But of exactly 10, in marching order?

And this about Synecdoche, NY:

…a film that should never be seen unless you’ve already seen it at least once.

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Karl Will “Name Names”

Karl Rove vows to ‘name names’ of all the people who weren’t nice to Bush.

The man widely credited with Bush's two presidential victories says his new book will include an accounting of those in Washington who never accepted the president as a legitimate commander-in-chief.

"I've got behind-the-scenes episodes that are going to show how unreceiving they were of this man as president of the United States," Rove told Cox News in an interview published Sunday. "I'm going to name names and show examples."

Not exactly red scare material, dude.

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