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Website idea: This is a how-can-I-make-easy-money-without-trying-too-hard idea, so it’s destined to fail, but at the moment, it really seems workable. Imagine a site that lets people offer to pay you to work on your personal projects. It would work like this: 1) You post a list of personal projects that you’d like to work on, 2) Some anonymous user pledges $5 to you if spend an hour working on one of these projects (perhaps it sounds useful to him/her?), and then 3) You work the hour, collect the money, and perhaps post a little report on what you did. If you don’t work the hour after (say) a week, the pledge is canceled, and no money is collected.

The biggest issue is whether anyone would actually want to pay you – especially an amount that would make that hour of work worthwhile. This might be okay, since you’d be working on a personal project that you might be doing for free anyway. Also, there could be some marketish kind of mechanism that would lower the donors’ cost-per-hour and raise your pay-per-hour when a large number of people started pledging.

Another issue is accountability and whether someone who collects payments actually is doing the work they say they are. Because of this, I think the site would need to emphasize relationship-building between the worker and the donors. These pledges wouldn’t be contracts; they would be encouragements. And donors should only pledge if they have some degree of faith in whomever they’re pledging to. A feedback system would probably need to be in place to warn away potential donors from someone who never produces results.

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