Obama’s Fake Seal

Thankfully, the Obama campaign has decided to drop this lame fake presidential seal:

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    Was Rev Wright to Obama What Karl Rove Was to Bush?

    One has to question–– with all the recent gaffes, blunders and mistakes Senator Barack Obama has been making of late… was Rev. Jeremiah Wright to Obama what Karl Rove was to Bush? People often said that Rove was Bush’s brain. So, did Obama get rid of his brain when he got rid of former pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright?

    Say what you will about Pastor Jeremiah Wright and his influence on Obama for 20 years… but as the voting public compares the actions, decisions and carefully crafted image of Obama “BW” (Before Wright) to the bumbling, flip-flopping, pandering behavior Obama now depicts “AW” (After Wright) is like night and day.

    As the wife of a clergy, it goes without saying that the importance of sound counsel by a spiritual mentor is priceless. And for Obama, it appears he needs whatever counsel he was using that got him to this point–– especially now more than ever.

    It is unthinkable that… had Obama called his long-time trusted sounding board, Rev. Wright, to “bounce” the idea of whether to launch his new Presidential seal before his meeting last week with the group of Governors… perhaps he would not be ridiculed and the laughing stock of the nation right now. See, Pastor Wright, who served honorably in the U.S. military and understands the significance of ‘symbols’ in America, would have undoubtedly counseled his trusted former member and convinced him to veto that ludicrous, egomaniacal seal–– and fire whoever concocted the idea. Believe it… that photo of Obama behind his new-branded Presidential seal, will forever be embedded in America’s mental Hall of Fame… just like Michael Dukakis’ photo in that military tank.

    Also, Pastor Wright, had he remained in Obama’s kitchen cabinet, would perhaps have advised the presumptive Democratic nominee differently regarding his decision to opt out of the public campaign finance system.

    Yes, Pastor Wright knows that a man’s word–– and his honor–– is all he really has. If a man’s word means nothing, HE means nothing! Indeed, by Obama willfully and unashamedly choosing to renege on his word––both verbally and in writing––relative to participating in the public finance system (flawed as it may be) he has lost way more than he could ever gain from the potential kazillion dollars that he may… or may not raise for the General Election. He has lost his honor.

    Both of these missteps are major errors in judgment. It’s probably too late… but Obama may have needed to keep his “crazy old uncle” Jeremiah somewhere within his reach, as he is floundering badly with this new advisory team he has surrounded himself with.

    Oh well! To quote an old saying my grandma used to say: “Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver. The other is gold.”

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    Sorry, I don’t live on your planet where Obama is the laughing stock of the nation. Or where he was ever running all his actions by Reverend Wright. Or where “the importance of sound counsel by a spiritual mentor is priceless”. (Or where the government created the AIDS epidemic, for that matter.)

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