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Happy 30th Birthday, Spam

I was 44 days old when the first spam was sent.

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Driving Greener than Walking?

Is it possibly better for the environment to drive than to walk? Probably not.

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Know Your Glyphs

More than you wanted to know about ampersands.
More than you wanted to know about pilcrows (or paragraph marks).
More than you wanted to know about the eszett (German character for a double-s).
WAY MORE than you wanted to know about the eszett.

Selected facts: The paragraph marker is derived from a C and not a P. Ancient Roman Cicero’s Ancient Roman scribe Marcus Tullius Tiro has a form of the ampersand named after him, and he was such an innovator of shorthand that he has a whole system named after him. The eszett evolved in part from the long s, a letter that was used when an s appeared at the beginning or in the middle of a word, as in Congre∫s.

via Kottke

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Anthropomorphic Carrot

From Boing Boing:
 Anthropomorphic Carrot

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Christian Pop Culture Sucks

A Christian friend who’d grown up totally sheltered once wrote to me that the first time he heard a Top 40 station he was horrified, and not because of the racy lyrics: “Suddenly, my lifelong suspicions became crystal clear,” he wrote. “Christian subculture was nothing but a commercialized rip-off of the mainstream, done with wretched quality and an apocryphal insistence on the sanitization of reality.”

Why does Christian pop culture have to suck so bad?

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Orrin Hatch Wrote a Song for McCain

Hey John
Say John
They’re gonna hit you hard with ev’ry thing they’ve got

Hey John
Come on
They’ll be calling you
Everything you’re not!

But sure as heaven
We’re gonna win
Start celebrating
Now let’s begin

Orrin Hatch wrote a song for John McCain.
via Wonkette

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The Gas Tax Holiday

Hillary Clinton and John McCain support the proposed Gas Tax Holiday – which will suspend the federal tax on gas through the summer. The hope is that this will lower gas prices for consumers.

It probably won’t, and here’s why:

You’re right that competition generally drives prices down, but that only works to the extent more product can be produced.

Where supplies are fixed — and oil/gas supplies, for all intents and purposes, are — it is the demand that determines price. One oil company could cut its gas prices, but it can’t sell anymore gas than it already is (because it already sells all the gas it has), so purchasers would have no choice but to get the rest of their gas from someone else. This leaves oil companies with no incentive for lowering prices. If I’m already selling out all my inventory, and I can’t make any more, lower prices cannot boost sales or take sales from someone else. All they can do is cut my profits.

From Talking Points Memo

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They Do It With…

Assassins do it from behind.
Chiropractors do it by manipulation.
Drummers do it with their wrists.
Golfers do it with long shafts.
Historians did it.
And many others…
via Boing Boing

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The Etch-A-Sketchist: Grand Theft Auto IV

 The Etch A Sketchist: Grand Theft Auto IV

via Kotaku

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Smart People Can Keep a Beat?

People who score high on intelligence tests are also good at keeping time, new Swedish research shows.

Not sure I believe this. It goes against my own anecdotal experience.

via Kottke

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