British Takedowns

Morissey has an editorial on the Guardian’s website about the sad state of and his bad experience with the NME. You have to love phrasings like this:

I am writing this to apologize unreservedly for granting an interview to the NME. I had no reason whatsoever to assume that they could be anything other than devious, truculent and unreliable. In the event, they have proven to be all three.

I am becoming more and more of a fan of the high-minded British takedown. There’s something about really biting remarks that – as an American, maybe – take a half-instant to put together, due to some bit of complicated grammar. The last book I read was God Is Not Great, which is Christopher Hitchens’ book-length takedown of unreasoned belief. His dry descriptions of the horrors that are in the Old Testament are pretty amazing.

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