Personal Truth Is BS

I just watched this video of Richard Dawkins on an episode of the O’Reilly Factor. All in all, it’s pretty lame. Dawkins is painfully restrained. I’m guessing he’s determined not to fall into any traps or come off as arrogant. O’Reilly doesn’t even pretend to engage in any real ideas, so there isn’t a whole lot for Dawkins to discuss.

There is one moment where O’Reilly says that Jesus-being-God is at least true for him, if no one else. Dawkins jumps on this and tells him that something is either true or not. In the face of Dawkins, it seems O’Reilly briefly became a relativist who thinks everybody is entitled to their own version of the truth.

O’Reilly’s explanation is that he believes it’s true that Jesus is God, but he can’t prove that to Dawkins. He seems to realize as well that he wouldn’t even be able to credibly argue the case to Dawkins. Instead, he hides behind the too-commonly accepted idea that his religious beliefs are beyond Dawkins’ scrutiny and that as long as he only claims that something is true for him personally (as opposed to, you know, actually true), it’s in bad taste to judge him on it.

Certainly, I can understand why O’Reilly wouldn’t want to be judged on his factual claims about Jesus.

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