The Jeb Bush College of Education

Just a few weeks after the University of Florida’s faculty Senate voted against awarding Jeb Bush an honorary degree, a Republican-controlled House council decided this morning to make the university name its entire college of education after the former governor.

This link has a scan-worthy comment thread, including this gem:

Do any of you tell the Accounting profession how to do its job? Medical? Legal?
Nope. But every man Jack thinks he has all the answers to running the EDUCATION profession.
Now, I am directly involved with the education profession. My wife is a teacher, and I can TELL YOU how to fix things.
You want to fix education?
Two parent families need to be the norm again.
Mothers? Get back in the house and out of the workforce.
Parents, believe your child’s teacher rather than your child. Children are liars.

I’m pretty sure being married to someone of a certain profession is a textbook example of indirect involvement. But perhaps he’s just referring to his romantic involvement with the entire education profession.

via Wonkette

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