The Police Reunion

I’m probably going to skip the Police reunion tour. I’m interested, but stadium shows suck. The New York Times has an article about the old and new tensions, and I found this bit about their recent rehearsals pretty funny:

The Vancouver rehearsal studio where they eventually reunited was a long way from the Police’s do-it-yourself beginnings in punk-era London. A film crew was on hand to make the inevitable documentary, with bright lights, makeup for the band members and a camera on semicircular tracks rolling around their setup. A caterer served lobster for dinner.

For pre- and post-rehearsal workouts there was a Pilates trainer who brought along with her a machine called, coincidentally, a Group Reformer. A beat-up guitar that Mr. Summers is playing isn’t the one that toured the world with him in the early 1980s; it’s an exact replica made by Fender, copying every nick, chip and scrape as well as the pickups (made by Fender’s rival, Gibson) and custom electronics inside. It’s part of a limited edition of 250 that sold out at $15,000 each — a measure of Mr. Summers’s lasting reputation among musicians and guitar geeks.

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