A Richards Theory

One of Andrew Sullivan’s readers theorizes:

A possible explanation (not an excuse, there is a difference) for Michael Richards’ rant is one I have often observed. It is that when one person makes another person extremely angry, in this case by interrupting the routine of a washed-up former celebrity, the offended person, in his rage, says not necessarily what he truly believes, but rather what he believes will hurt that person the most. Therefore, it’s possible that Richards was not, in a Freudian slip, revealing his inner racist; but rather was saying that which he felt would most offend the person who offended him. Only the people who know him best know which is the case.

That makes a lot of sense to me. It’s too bad this person couldn’t tell this to Richards himself, who went on the Late Show last night to apologize. After watching the video of the apology, I’m more sure that he’s not a racist, but he doesn’t seem like he’s being completely honest. He rambles about Katrina and comedians doing benefits and how there’s tension and hate in our country, and I found myself wondering what it had to do with his situation. I think maybe he himself doesn’t really know why he said what he said.

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