New Era of Cooperation

bush pelosi

President Bush had breakfast with outgoing GOP leaders Thursday before a scheduled lunch with House speaker-to-be Rep. Nancy Pelosi, in what Bush has said marks a new era of cooperation.

Could two years of divided government show us what a good president Bush could’ve been? By all accounts, he worked well with the Texas state legislature when he was governor and they were Democratic. Wouldn’t it be funny if this major setback brings out the best in him, offering a bit of redemption after all the crap?

Probably not gonna happen. Bush has a habit of giving the occasional glimmer of hope that he could be a good president, but it never materializes. I remember when he was elected and he promised to be every American’s president. His biggest contribution to bipartisanship remains a bunch of stupid nicknames he gave to everybody in Washington during his first year in office.

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