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John Howard Says Something Dumb

Prime Minister John Howard, a friend and ally of Bush, said he would not meet Gore during his Australian visit and would not heed his advice to sign up to Kyoto.

I don’t take policy advice from films,” Howard told reporters.

Now I don’t really know much about Prime Minister Howard, but what a stupid thing to say. The former Vice President of the US, who has a long history of public service, makes an informational film about his most passionate personal cause – a film based on hard facts and hard science – and Prime Minister John Howard is just way too cool for that. After all, why would he want his government’s policy to be informed by people that are extremely knowledgeable?

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Brad Pitt: I’ll Marry When Everyone Can

It turns out Brad and Angelina aren’t married partly in support of universal marriage rights.

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Senate Passes Spending DB Bill

With all holds dropped, the Senate has passed the federal spending transparency bill that will make a searchable public database of where federal money is going.

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Blind Driver Is “Perfectly Safe on the Roads”

Neatorama has another tale about a perhaps overly confident driver:

A police officer described yesterday how he pulled over a motorist who was veering across the road and found that he had no eyes.

Omed Aziz, who lost both his eyes in a bomb blast and is also deaf, was caught behind the wheel with a friend sitting in the passenger seat giving him instructions on when to steer and brake, and how quickly to drive.

Aziz, who also suffers from leg tremors, claimed he was perfectly safe and denied a charge of dangerous driving before being convicted.

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What the Ice Told Me

Carbon dioxide levels are substantially higher now than at any time in the last 800,000 years, the latest study of ice drilled out of Antarctica confirms.

Not necessarily evidence for global warming. Just that humans like to keep Mother Earth on her toes.

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Ten Overlooked Facts about Iraq

1. Iraq is Actually Two Countries
2. Iraq was Created by Winston Churchill
3. Iraq is Diverse: It Just Doesn’t Look That Way
4. Iraqi Needs Trash Collectors
5. Iraq is Short on Gas
6. Iraqis Love Orange Soda and Bad Action Movies
7. Iraq isn’t Putting Out as Much Oil as it Used to
8. The Iraqi Navy is Built Strong
9. Iraq is Taking to the Air
10. Iraqi Sheep Ride Shotgun
Read the whole thing.

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The Crocodile Hunter Is Dead

A huge source of joy has died.

Queensland state government sources quoted by Australian Associated Press (AAP) said Irwin, 44, whose television show “The Crocodile Hunter” won international acclaim and popularized the phrase “Crikey,” was believed to have been killed by a stingray barb that pierced his chest.

Is it possible to enjoy old Crocodile Hunter episodes now? This is a huge bummer, in the gravest sense of the word.

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If you’re at all interested in polls, you’ll want to check out And with election season coming up, if you’re interested in politics, you’re probably interested in polls. It’s a new site about polling and keeping track of polls, and it’s the work of the two best poll analysts I know of: Mark (Mystery Pollster) Blumenthal and Charles Franklin. Franklin writes the Political Arithmetik blog and provides the most reliable tracking of Bush’s approval rating.

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