FSM Hate Mail

I am not a piece of spaghetti! Neither are you. Therefore, God created us in the image of himself. When looking at the spaghetti monster, I then look back at God. When basing a comparison on “COMMON SENSE” the FSM makes absolutely NO SENSE! “Why then are the mountain tops not made of spaghetti noodalege. Is not the water on the earth a steaming pot of spaghetti sauce?” Dude thats what your crap sounds like. So in essence, from having read your website, I can conclude that it is irrational to believe in the FSM and that the Bible is much more explanatory than the FSM Gospel. For this reason, basing the evidence on a fair and objective criteria that a) which explains the most accurate concepts of the human existence in today’s reality (Ockham’s Razor) and b) was the FSM given any significant value beyond the scope of today’s audience. When doing a fair and observant observation of the material, then I can say no.

Wow, QED! Read some more FSM Hatemail.
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