The Adventures of Dr. Dino

A while ago, I found this site for Creation Science Evangelism. I meant to link to it, I don’t think I ever did. It’s chock full of affronts to logic, like “The Grand Canyon, Things That Make Evolutionists Look Stupid”, which argues that Noah’s flood somehow laid the sediment in the Grand Canyon and also carved it out. Well, it doesn’t really argue much. Mostly, the author just dismisses as stupid the notion that different kinds of dirt might be laid down in layers over millions of years as the environment of an area shifts slowly but drastically.

Anyway, I was reminded by Boing Boing, who posted about how the owner of the site, “Dr. Dino”, was recently arrested for not paying taxes. His story is that all he owns is from God, so he doesn’t owe any taxes on it. I thought I recognized the face in their photo, and sure enough: I saw Dr. Dino (Kent Hovind) on da Ali G Show a while back.

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