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The Pope Vs. Stem Cells

The Pope fights stem cell research:

God’s Rottweiler is taking yet another bite out of science with the announcement that any scientist who engages in stem cell research of any kind will be excommunicated. The same goes for any politician who votes in favor of legislation permitting such research to take place.

I can understand opposing stem cell research (though not unless you also have a problem with in vitro fertilization), but threats of excommunication aren’t the mark of a healthy, functional church.

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The Random Restaraunt Selector

Shit. The Random Restaraunt Selector is broken and won’t show me restaurants in Boulder. Guess I don’t get to eat today.

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Spain Outlaws Peer-to-Peer Filesharing

Spain passed a law that makes it a crime to fileshare, which seems completely stupid and difficult to enforce. I guess their plan is to go after ISPs for enabling filesharing, but even that’s gotta be hard to follow through on.

The law also introduces a small tax to be levied on all blank media — from a blank CD to mobile phones and even a memory stick.

So lame.

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Evolutionary Strategies in Engineering

Very interesting video about how engineers can use the principles of evolution to maximize efficiency.

I found this along several other related videos, including one about how the eye could have evolved (countering a perennial creationist argument) and Bill Maher explaining why we don’t need to teach Intelligent Design in schools.

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The Heart Breaker

 The Heart Breaker

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Eugene Volokh on Money as Speech

I find Eugene Volokh convincing every time I read him – which admittedly is not that often. His secret seems to be choosing his targets with precision. Today, Instupundit links to a Volokh article that pretty effectively dismisses the money-is-speech/money-is-not-speech axis of argument about campaign finance reform. It’s not quite a revelation, but it’s nice to have some issues settled.

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Axl Rose & his Sidekick Cat

axlrose Axl Rose & his Sidekick Cat
The Axl Rose and Sidekick Cat Commemmorative Dish

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Axl Rose Is a Cannibal

The Superficial says:

Axl Rose was released from jail today after paying a $5,500 fine for allegedly biting a security guard in the leg outside his hotel in Sweden. I’d expand on that, but where else is there to go? He handled himself pretty well when Tommy Hilfiger lost it and started wailing on him in a club last month so I’m assuming sometime between then and now he caught rabies. That’s what happens when you live in a dumpster with wild dogs. Who knew that you have to be employed to afford decent shelter?

(BTW, the Superficial is awesome.)

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Flag-Burning Amendment Dies

Thank God and hooray for freedom: A flag-burning amendment was narrowly defeated (1 vote) in the Senate.

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Leonard Cohen Interview

NPR interview with Leonard Cohen

In the 25th and 26th minutes, Leonard tells about what made him quit smoking 5 years ago. In short, he went to the doctor, who told him he was on “the royal road” to cancer. So what made him go to the doctor? He was having trouble “getting the smoke down.”

via Andrew Sullivan

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