Masterpieces of Willful Stupidity

Ok, so I stumbled into frustrating myself with the ignorance of others today. This site is a treasure trove of examples of how to actively thwart logic and make yourself dumber: It is called Answers in Genesis, and it’s full of articles written by a fellow named Ken Ham. Included is a feat of tortured logic that explains how all the animals (including dinosaurs!) could have fit on Noah’s ark, which is notable in that it’s a creationist argument that actually seems to assume some validity of evolution (see the section about ‘kinds’ vs. ‘species’ vs. ‘genera’). As good an indication as any that creationist intellectuals are clueless about the science behind evolution.

Oh and I stumbled on this from Kottke, who linked to this story about why the Bible talks about unicorns. Apparently, the explanation is that the ancient Assyrians couldn’t draw.

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