Douglas Rushkoff Likes the Bible

Douglas Rushkoff has a somewhat venomous but well-observed post about the Bible. He thinks that people who believe it to be the literal truth are actually missing out on what’s really valuable about it. He wants non-believers to take the Bible back by embracing the stories and the truth that’s in them. He’s writing a comic book series that riffs on biblical themes.

Obviously I’m very down with his perspective, and that’s why I started the Better Book, which is sadly stagnant. Ah, but the wiki doesn’t mind waiting.

Anyway, here’s a good quote:

As I’ve always understood them, and as I try to convey them in my comic book, the stories in the Bible are less significant because they happened at some moment in history than because their underlying dynamics seem to be happening in all moments. We are all Cain, struggling with our feelings about a sibling who seems to be more blessed than we are. We are always escaping the enslaved mentality of Egypt and the idolatry we practiced there. We are all Mordechai, bristling against the pressure to bow in subservience to our bosses.

But true believers don’t have this freedom. …

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