Members of Blondie Fight

At their Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction, Debbie Harry and some original members argued onstage:

Seems that the now-redheaded Harry told the Hall of Fame producers she didn’t want former bandmates Nigel Harrison, Gary Valentine and Frank Infante on stage or anywhere near her, Chris Stein, Clem Burke and Jimmy Destry — the four remaining original players.

Looking irked, Infante — who bears a resemblance to Lou Reed — baited Harry from the podium.

“We’d really like to play with you, would that be all right?”

Harry, who’d been off to the side with the others, walked up the mike and said, straight at Infante, “Can’t you see my band is playing?”

Infante didn’t miss a beat. “We thought we were the band,” he said, overlapping Harry as she then rattled off the names of three people no one had ever heard of who have obviously replaced Infante and Harrison (Valentine was only on the first Blondie album).

There was audible hissing at Harry, who didn’t come off very well in the moment. Harrison tried to make the best of it, but his remarks — which echoed Infante’s — were basically swallowed by the silence.

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