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We’ve seen the MSM photoshop and mess with photos of Republicans in the past, and often sneakily take photos with words in the background to send subliminal messages, and this photo of Vice President Dick Cheney appears to be one of those:

Well I just happened upon the site of another blogger by the name of Chris Christner and it seems he may have single handedly blown the lid of something even more disturbing about this photo. It looks like it might have been and outright photoshop job. If this is the case, not only are they trying to send the subliminal message, but they couldn’t even get a real photo to do it so they could claim a coincidence!

So they’ve really manipulated this one. I think it’s worse than the Condoleezza Rice “demonized” job.

Already you can’t believe what you read in the mainstream media and now it’s getting so you can’t believe what you see either. Manipulating photos like that has got to be against some code of ethics isn’t it?
Chris Christner

Michelle Malkin found Reuters’ editorial policy. They actually claim to have a “freedom from bias.” Excuse me for one second.


Sorry, had to get that out of my system.

Not only did they pick a very unattractive picture of Cheney (although we’re used to that type of bias), they cropped him directly below the chin in order to include the word retire above his head. Note that the word retire takes up almost as much space as Cheney.

I’m sure Reuters’ response will be that they didn’t notice. Can they be more pathetic in tyring to convey their wish that Cheney retire?
Sensible Mom

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