A Bit about Presidential Secrecy

Jacob Weisberg has a piece in Slate about the Bush administration’s refusal to answer questions. This paragraph struck me as especially worth considering:

This and other photographs of Abramoff and Bush are public property, taken by photographers who are salaried government employees. They raise no questions of national security or personal privacy. But the pictures are embarrassing to the president, and on that basis alone, Bush has refused to release them. At one of his rare press conferences, the president offered the rationale that if shared, the Abramoff photos would be used for “political purposes” by Democrats. I do not recall Bill Clinton resisting Republicans demands for details about his use of Lincoln bedroom for fund-raising on such a basis. On the same theory, Bush could refuse to open his mouth again in public ever again—which, come to think of it, has been pretty much Cheney’s approach.

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