Cat Paintings

The titles given to these painting by cats are a little nauseating.

FURTHERMORE: I was doubtful that these cats were actually purposefully applying the paint, but it sounds like they might be. From the FAQ:

Cats will often use their front paws to scrape at earth (or litter), that has been soaked with their urine and then transfer the scented earth to a tree trunk or wall. In this way they can get their scent into a higher position from where it will carry more effectively. Because the ammonia in the scented acrylics smells a lot like cat pee, cats will mark with it in the same way as they do with the earth. Obviously, if you can manage to mix in a little of the cat’s own urine with the paints, the cat will be more likely to use them. After a while your cat will come to see that the unique marks it makes in applying the scented paint are just as representative of itself as the scent is.

I still think that last sentence is probably bullshit. Oh and while I’m at it, here’s a recent Slate article about the dangers of projecting personhood onto pets.

[via Bunnies]

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