It’s About the Environment and War and Poverty and Injustice

Let me get this straight.

So there’s this band called the Wyrd Sisters, who’ve been around for 15 years. Well, in the fourth Harry Potter book (which is less than 15 years old), there’s a fictional band called the Weird Sisters. Ok. So now that there will be a movie of this book, Warner Brothers (the studio making the film) asked the original Wyrd Sisters if it’d be cool if they could share the name. Understandably, the WS declined. WB offered them money and more money, and they still declined. Alright then. So the studio gave up and now the band in the movie will remain nameless. Seems fair.

Oh but the Wyrd Sisters are still suing them. The movie is not going to use their name, but apparently the band doesn’t care. Oh and not only that, but the band isn’t satisfied in only suing Warner Brothers over (not using) their band name, but the guys who play the (unnamed) band in the movie are also being sued. What?

Oh, and then there’s this ridiculous, fact-wary screed on the Wyrd Sisters website. Yeah, well I guess they earned their publicity, right?

I think that if the Radiohead fellows really knew what was going on that they’d be as appalled and horrified as we are. Our story is about humanity. It’s about life and real people. It’s about the environment and war and poverty and injustice. It’s about paying attention to how the almighty dollar /euro/ pound corporate giants always manage to crush the righteous, despite legalities and moralities. It’s about music, and how music is the voice of the people. Money always wins. Isn’t that just plain wrong?

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