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Evolution and Religion Cannot Co-Exist

Jacob Weisberg argues persuasively that there is a real incompatibiliy between religion and evolution.

But the acceptance of evolution diminishes religious belief in aggregate for a simple reason: It provides a better answer to the question of how we got here than religion does. Not a different answer, a better answer: more plausible, more logical, and supported by an enormous body of evidence. Post-Darwinian evolutionary theory, which can explain the emergence of the first bacteria, doesn’t even leave much room for a deist God whose minimal role might have been to flick the first switch.

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Our President Loves to Rub Heads


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A Week of Savage

The awesome Dan Savage of Savage Love is guest-blogging on

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Airborne Cats


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Let Us Counter-Attacking

Revenge of the Sith in bad Chinese translation.

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Block More Popups in Firefox

Despite Firefox’s popup-blocking, some sites have still been slipping some by. They are using Flash to circumvent the blocker.

Here’s how to plug that hole.

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The Struggle with the Man

Boing Boing has a bit about skaters vs. anti-skater technology.

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Condi, Overlooked

A post at TPMCafe points out some admirable ways Secretary Rice has been trying work on the troubled US-UN relationship.

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Hendrix Pretended to Be Gay…

…to avoid Vietnam. Seems cowardly, even as it’s hard to blame him.

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